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Can the condition be healed?

Approximately 80% of clients respond to the work.

In this work, “healing” has many levels and many conditions within the body which do not always make themselves evident at first understanding and awareness. However, through sessions, or other processes, it may be possible to arrive at deeper levels of awareness and understanding within the body and begin to alleviate issues. Once these are addressed, the original need for healing may improve. This may begin in the first session or two. (It was once said, “the body is like an onion with many layers of conditions and healing…when one layer is removed, another may appear that was an underlying cause.”)

Sometimes we see improvements in one’s condition which may be considered “healed”, only to find a few weeks later, the condition has returned. This may be due to the fact that sessions were discontinued prematurely, or that the original environmental and/or physical well being directive of the person and their body have retained the original transfixation, whereby the pattern continues to repeat itself… Sometimes referred to as “falling back into the rut.”

It is important to continue sessions if improvement is being made.
If sessions are not continued, the improvements may regress. Each client reacts differently.

Many other times there are short sessions in which the condition is relieved and/or removed and no longer reappears.

It is recommended a complete cycle of work is to be finished for the client before discontinuing.
This cycle may consist of a few days, or weeks, or for serious chronic disorders showing improvement, several weeks.Clients have sometimes seen a delayed improvement within two or three weeks after the work.  (Some clients retain LD for once or twice per month after the condition has improved. This allows for “substantiating” the new level of work and “centering” it into the body.) At other times, if no improvement is seen in the condition (and/or pain level) within two or three appointments, it is usually recommended the work be discontinued. Be it noted that clients have sometimes seen a “delayed” improvement two or three weeks later, or even one or two months later.

Again reiterated: Healing of one condition may not be simple:  It is the combined influences of the body working together to influence each other in a combination of well-being.

The problematic condition may be only one issue within the body:  This may be expressive of other issues.
All the issues must be addressed in an “overview” of the situation and body, whether it be mental, spiritual, physical imbalance or a combination thereof. This can be done or approached through mental relaxation and focus. (i.e. releasing trauma and/or pain.) This is some of the work done within the phone sessions and afterwards.

There are no guarantees. To help you make an informed decision, we do see about 80 percent of cases responding to LD’s work. Unsolicited testimonials may be read here on the website. Just like other professionals, what you are paying for is LD’s time, effort, and energy toward healing your condition; you are not paying for an expected outcome. We do not know reasons for some issues/conditions to respond sooner than others, and sometimes issues/conditions do not respond.

What methods or techniques are used?

During remote healing, L.D. enters into a trance state, similar to Edgar Cayce’s, and speaks with the client on the phone, using mind techniques and “spiritual encompassing”: The body is programmed for optimum health, all from a distance. After the phone session, the work is continued within the mental parameter throughout the day and evening. As a result of this intensity, only a limited number of clients may be accepted at any given time.

Remote healing and psychic healing are time-tested, proven, and effective techniques to help combat cancer, all from a distance.

Is there research to back up claims about psychic healing?

Yes, there is a host of reputable scientific research that illustrates the effectiveness of psychic distance healing. LD is also the subject of a multi-year scientific research project in which data is currently being collected regarding outcomes. To learn more, please click on the following links:

  1. The Science Behind Distant Healing
  2. A Review of the Scientific Evidence Supporting Spiritual Healing

Have you worked with my condition?

Again, ambiguity presents itself in the term of “condition”. “Condition” implies one symptom or problematic illness in the body, when actually this is seldom the case. It is actually explicative of many would-be symptoms and disorders connected in many physical ways which can be the embodiment of spirituality, mental fatigue, trauma from the past, infectious diseases or a number of other influences.

Therefore it is not accurate to say a particular “condition” has been dealt with before, since there are many parameters within the given “condition”. No given individual has exactly the same condition as any other individual within the boundaries of this work. It may appear to have the same symptoms and causes, but the underlying causes and parameters are different for every person as seen psychically. The mental work goes beyond normal rules of linearity in order to address core level changes in the body. Therefore, there is no identical “condition”; all are different in a psychic perspective.

LD has successfully worked with hundreds of “conditions”. Each is different in its own expression. Please view the testimonial page to see the conditions that have responded to his work. Whether the condition is chronic pain, or a rare disease, is irrelevant. The “condition” is a general term that does not describe the situation in this perspective, and any preconceived notions of the healer’s “experience” with a particular condition do not apply.

How many sessions are required?

It is recommended beginning with 2 sessions to see if see if improvement is shown. If improvement is shown, more sessions are recommended to build a “foundation” of wellness in many instances. If one sees a difference, one should continue until the program is complete. In some instances, repeated sessions are required to build a firm foundation so the issue/condition/or body no longer needs this support.. Many times it may be advisable to begin intense sessions daily for severe issues, while slowly expanding the time between sessions as the work progresses. (i.e. once a day; twice per week; once per week)

Sometimes unrealistic complaints are made that the issue was not “cured” in one or two sessions, although improvement was made. The condition, however, may have existed for years throughout the lifetime, with the client seeing no improvement previous to this: This would seemingly be an unrealistic view with an imbalance of expectations.

Again, it is not advocated to continue after the beginning sessions, if no improvement is seen. Even in beginning sessions, clients almost always experience a peace and depth of well-being

Can you work on my relatives or loved ones?

Yes, LD can work on your relatives or loved ones Many successes have been seen using a loved one as an intermediary. (i.e. a husband for his wife; a daughter for her mother, etc.) Many times the intermediary experiences benefits also .Read LD’s story of how he works.

Do you offer a one month option?

Yes, some clients like to have continued and regular support for a longer period of time. LD can arrange a 10% to 15% discount for monthly work, depending on the intensity required. Please contact LD to discuss the discounted monthly option using the form below.

Do you work with children?

Yes, but not directly. If you seek healing for children under 18 years of age, the parent, friend, or loved one will serve as a ‘proxy’ and intermediary; working with LD directly (not the child). The proxy/intermediary will give daily updates and progress reports.

Do you work with animals?

Yes, LD has had success with animals. He works through the owner. The animals and pets include horses, dogs and cats. Other animals are possible also.

Cancellation Policy?

We recognize that life events arise that necessitate a rescheduling of appointments. However, any missed appointments on the client’s part may be subject up to a $50 charge. This time was reserved for the client.

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