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From a client in Houston

“Izzie, our ten year old Shetland Sheepdog, was diagnosed with T cell Lymphoma in North Carolina this past November, presenting with three malignant lesions on her gums. Our vet in NC, Dr. Zehr, advised me to take her to an oncologist once we got back to Houston, which we did three weeks later. In the meantime, I found some nutraceutical types of nutritional supplements, changed Izzie’s diet to mainly organic chicken and greens, and got in touch with Larry Porter. Larry started weekly sessions with Iz, working on everything that we knew was a problem: mouth, gums, throat, fatty lipomas, arthritis, digestive, etc. Larry advised more calcium( which was one of the few supplements that she wasn’t taking), to continue the greens and to add in more exercise ( which she wasn’t doing). So, done! It has now been eight months since diagnoses, and a few weeks ago Izzie went back to her Houston vet for a recheck of her mouth, blood work, ultrasounds, etc. The vet called me and asked, ” Well, do you want to hear the good news or the good news?” Izzie had a glowing report of health from top to toe! She runs around like a puppy, her eyes are clear, she has no gray anywhere on her face, and we continue our daily adventures and travels. Izzie has sessions with Larry now every two weeks, and was lucky enough on her birthday to get a piano serenade performed by Larry Porter and left on her voice machine! She’s a lucky girl, and so am I!”

Equestrian Health

We have a gift. A gift given to us; not of us… to work with a fine animal; finely tuned to its closest aspect…. of blood pressure, chemical composition and balance. adrenals, breathing and lungs….working with all the flaws of the body toward perfection…working for an ultimate condition and conditioning… beyond the normal.  This is the goal.  

It has been found horses react much in similar manner to humans. With the right human intermediary host; working through the phone and/or by email, we have seen Improvement in similar situations as to the human condition.

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