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We are excited to offer you the following perspectives on LD’s extraordinary healing work. As the seasons change, please remember that good health is a process that demands continual attention. Springtime is an excellent time to check in with LD to have him do a basic evaluation.

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To Your Health,
C Peterson

Interview with L.D. Porter

Cherie: What is the comparison you can make between what you do and the recent Star Wars Movie?

Larry: Even though there are so many robots and similar images to other Star Wars films, it actually had a pretty humanistic approach. It showed a new understanding of the world that we are slowly moving into.

The first Star Wars movie started us thinking about this idea of “The Force Be With You!.” It’s an old cliche and we are all tired of it, but I think there is a force in the Universe. The Jedi certainly have a handle on how to use the force and use it to their advantage. Of course, that means fighting the bad guys.

Skywalker appeared as an older Jedi Knight coming out of seclusion. He was the only one left with the understandings and knowledge of the Jedi. He had the “religion of the force.” There was a young girl who went out to find him to learn from him. He was going to teach her.
When he asked what she wanted to learn she said, “moving the force, lifting rocks, levitating, the power to change form.”

His response was that nothing of what she said had anything to do with being a Jedi. It was, in fact, nothing that was to be done.

The example he gave of nothingness was excellent. He said it was not about any of that; it is about this…. Then he placed his hand on hers and they went into nature, the creation of the world and so forth. It was the ability to see between these events, between the physical aspects that were important.

That was the force that can be compared to distance healing. It’s the space in between or the subtle energies that are accessed that creates a place of healing.


LD is a gifted healer who defies many of preconceived ideas about what the body can and cannot do. He works in realms beyond what our mind can often comprehend to do miraculous work to heal the Body/Mind.
Experiencing his work is the very best way to know what the work can do for you. We are each unique humans with varying abilities to allow healing to take place within us. This ‘inside job’ goes far beyond what we have been taught to believe is possible, but will, without doubt, be more common in the near future when more and more people will work in this way.

Larry has successfully worked with clients with life-threatening diseases including Diabetes, COPD – Emphysema, Pulmonary Fibrosis, All Stages and types of Cancer, Severe Autism, Congestive Heart Failure, Chronic Pain and countless other issues.

Often people suffering from severe pain, confined to a bed find relief and are able to get back to more normal activities quickly after being treated.


Anyone who is suffering from a chronic health condition has most likely heard of the term “new normal”. This is because after all of your lifestyle accommodations to try to deal with your health issues, many of your old interests and activities as you knew them, no longer come into play.

The stress factor in dealing with your chronic condition also becomes a part of your everyday routine. You cope, you accommodate, and you move on, but you secretly hope that the new remedy is just around the corner.

Well, Larry Porter is not actually just around the corner, but rather many miles away, but in with the type of long-distance healing he does, distance doesn’t matter. He is helping me to break down the barriers of the “new normal” so I can experience more of life as it used to be. Larry does not give you a diagnoses, but rather works with issues in your body as he sees them, and he works simultaneously on your body, mind and spirit as a whole, to best achieve optimal results.

At the end of a healing session, I feel very relaxed both physically and mentally and have a very good sense of well being. Larry is very compassionate and with all of the amazing results he achieves, never lets his ego get in the way of his accomplishments. Thank you, Larry!

~ Teri

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