My Evolution as a Psychic Healer

Larry Porter

My parents were unique in that they were retired when I was born, living on a 200-acre farm in east Texas. My mother was in her forties when she gave birth, and that, for 1952, was a big event.

Like many intuitive individuals, I endured a traumatic and abusive childhood. My mother lived in a state of mental illness. It is easy to see this now, with the benefit of reflection and education, but at the time my mother’s psychosis led to what I now call very challenging times that I experienced as a child. When my father came home, he did not know what had occurred. Or perhaps he did, and was in denial.   Either way, these childhood experiences allowed me to escape into other fantastic worlds, and prepared me for the psychic realms in which I work today.  It ultimately opened me up, and enhanced my perception.

As I Grew Out of Childhood

After high school, I received a scholarship to a major university where I became a piano major and studied as a concert pianist. I studied under a great teacher who taught me about the piano, the body, and the body’s relationship to the piano.

After this, I attended and taught at another major university; this time studying with another major concert pianist and teacher.   My new teacher challenged me with the intuitive and metaphysical, almost Zen approach, of doing the impossible.  The playing seemed physically impossible, developing leaps and speeds instantly from the subconscious, incredulous and unbelievable by everyday standards. Like my childhood traumatic experiences, this study also prepared me for the psychic work I do now.   I found I could see through the body and see tensions within the pianist.  This evolved in being able to see the emotional nature of the student, and eventually, most of the total body.

Psychic Healing Work

These experiences gave me the intuition, sensitivity, and perception that is a foundation for the psychic healing work.

For over twenty years, I have had the privilege to work with clients who are dealing with serious, chronic health issues.  I am called to do the work.  This work may be described as “distance healing” or “psychic healing.” The physical body is not touched in any way.  Even photographs are not allowed.  What we know as “physical” and “non-physical” can sometimes be misunderstood.

The genesis of health and also disease is integrated spiritually, and it should be dealt with accordingly.  Of course we treat the symptoms, but we search for the root causes of disease. We want to correct the internal disease, whether it be mental, physical, spiritual or some combination. Most disease is caused from past influences; a past that can be from this lifetime or from past lifetimes.

Spirituality is of the forefront.
  Nothing takes place without it.

Cell growth and bodily health occur within a spiritual factor.  Over the years, the experiences of loss, grief, trauma, and difficult emotions calcify in the body, and cause physical matter to be cut off from a healthy body.  One’s parents and childhood experiences play an extensive role in future health.  The experiences with one’s father or mother, for instance, may influence the individual to such a degree that emotional programming can become cellular, causing cancer, interfering with proper breathing, or ultimately leading to a psychological break.

In my book, Awakening the Genesis Within, references may be seen to a “psychic stethoscope.” This describes how I function in the work.  It is similar to a human x-ray machine.  Like other psychics, I scan energy centers, organs, and systems of the body to assess what might be malfunctioning.

This work is done with thought.  Mental thought is a force, and the body’s energy reflects it, radiates it and makes good health possible.  This is all “one;” one with the soul, one with the spirit, and one with the body.  A change in one area affects the others.  A change in one’s thoughts is then generated into everyday life.

In this distance healing work, mental thought is used to focus into the cells a healthier patterning.   I see evidence daily in which we connect directly with the client’s nerves, cells, and organs, and visualize into the cells a disease-free, healthy way to become.  Like a sculptor who works with clay, I work directly with cells, nerves, organs, and tissue in a similar manner, molding them mentally.

Over time, this ultimately turns into positive cell growth with the body.   The body utilizes this positive cell growth in every way possible and it radiates outward.   Over time, this leads to health.   I have repeatedly seen severe cancer patients improved through psychic healing.  There are no guarantees with the work, and of course there are exceptions.

I am only a vessel through which the healing manifests.

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