by Cherie Peterson

Can you describe what you are knowing, feeling, when you work?


There is an ‘audacity of immediacy’ when a person is in a serious, critical state because of the adrenaline that flows. That is what promotes a state of complete and total attention to the issue at hand. It is in this place where the best work is done.

Imagine that you have an opportunity to push a red button to save the Earth. How would you feel if that opportunity arose? I think we all stand in the immediacy and presence of that opportunity.

Something is aroused in the brain–the feeling that mesmerizes you about the immediacy and the intensity that is required when you think about your finger about to push that button and how exact it must be.

That atmosphere is what is created when this work. That sense of an intense, extreme condition creates a state beyond the ordinary.

We do not use thought. It is beyond thought…we go there and what comes through is what is used. It may be considered an altered state. We travel into that place of bonding, or a merging of our energies.

There exists a feeling of “complete connectedness” like a mother bonding with her baby. This might describe the place where the work is accomplished.

There is a mesmerization that comes when petting an animal for example. This altered place is what is often felt by clients.


What do people tell you they experience with a treatment?


We end with a peaceful meditative state and sometimes the client gets sleepy and wants to rest after the treatment. Normally sleep allows for healing.

Very positive responses come through email the next day about how the treatment made them feel. Usually there is a future of well-being and improvement within the next few days.

If a specific issue is to be healed and the client is not immediately changed, they often will report on how well they’ve slept.


Do you feel people are able to replicate that state of being later on when you’re not there to guide them?


I urge my clients to recreate in their mind what they experienced in their treatment. They can then work somewhat on their own as they establish this feeling within themselves again and again.


Who are the people that come to you most often?


Since 50% of the people I work with are in such severe pain and sometimes in a coma, it is often their loved ones who come to me.

We go into an altered state to make this happen.

We have seen people in near-death states in comas come out and begin to heal when there was little hope for them.

Do you know how I do this?

I do nothing. We just go to that person’s mind and body and we try to make it better.

Can you feel they are responding when they are in a coma?

I’m not sure that those in a coma are much different than other people.


As you are working are you aware of the presence of others working with you?


I use the term “we” because there are others around working with me. These are mostly those who are on the other side, like my father who was a pharmacist and passed a number of years ago. He was a healer in his own right. Sometimes my mother and many others help as well. I think of this as a collective, working together.

When we mesmerize on something, we find that red button to improve the situation.


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