by Dr. Ed Leshin

What is Love? Is it a feeling? Is it an expression? Or is it an allusive quest that most of us embark on at some point in our lives? I thought perhaps a story would help to answer some of these questions that I was pondering. The other day as I was standing in line at the local Target store, I observed a woman teaching her girls how to be responsible for their own choices. She did this by overseeing the use of her children’s gift cards at the check-out register.

As I watched the children proudly step up and hand the clerk their gift cards, I could feel the sense of pride and energy coming from their Mom. As I observed this human exchange between a mother and her daughters, the Mom looked up at me. I simply returned a smile. She smiled back and I had to wonder, are those her Mirror Neurons talking or the real recognition that I had caught a moment of beauty during a busy day at a department store? Could it be that the molecules that we are made of sometimes float back and forth between us? And not only was a catching a glimpse of wonder but really observing the Energy of Love?

I started thinking how I could use this example as a means to express what healing is or might be. If we are all energy and our molecules are being transported back and forth in the exchange of a smile, a good deed, or an expression of pride by a Mom at a department store- then perhaps, it would be apropos to use this as a construct for how projecting our intentions can in fact be a healing mechanism.

Dr. Masaru Emoto gave examples of this intention in his book, “The Hidden Messages of Water”. By talking to or sending out intentions to water molecules and then freezing them he observed different responses. The intention or message of love produced beautiful crystalline structures whereas the intention of hate or anger produced fragmented or chaotic crystalline structures. So what if it is as simple as this? What if healing is about love? The Energy of Love? Can we give this to ourselves? Or do we need help sometimes from someone who can see us as more then we see ourselves? Only time will tell how this plays out in our reality. However, in the meanwhile, I hope your day is filled with the same beauty and gift that this Mom at a department store gave to her children.

Happiness is Health.

Bio: Dr. Ed Leshin has been involved in natural, holistic health therapies since he was sixteen years old. He holds a Doctorate in Chiropractic, advanced training in Acupuncture, is an accomplished B.E.S.T practitioner, certified in Hypnotherapy and Nutritional Therapies and is an Energy Practitioner.

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