Welcome to our first newsletter of the season.

We will present a variety of topics in these pages, including stories from clients about their experiences with my distant healing work. In this edition, I’m proud to welcome Cherie Peterson, the editor, and Michelle Sharkeyvaught, a special author. I hope you will enjoy these articles.

In this work, “healing” has many levels and many conditions within the body which do not always make themselves evident at first understanding and awareness. However, through sessions, or other processes, it may be possible to arrive at deeper levels of awareness and understanding within the body and begin to alleviate issues. Once these are addressed, the original need for healing may improve. This may begin in the first or second session.

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Questions About LD’s Work

What condition are people in when they come to you?


Usually they have reached a point in their lives where they have no more options. They have tried all the traditional practices and many alternative practitioners. My work is usually considered so strange and obscure that I am a last option and resort. Most people want to see results from taking a remedy or receiving hand-on work. They want something that will cure them or make their situation better from modalities they are familiar with and are accepted and known to society. I have nothing in this arena to offer. Nothing I do is physical. I have no product. There are no given techniques. My work is mental and spiritual. It may be considered even beyond the mind and intellect. There are no mental constructs which give a parameter for the work.


Do your clients often experience immediate results?


Sometimes very significant results are seen in one or two sessions. At other times there may be a delayed effect which may be seen after a month or two. Other issues may require additional sessions with varying degrees of frequency after a the initial improvement has been experienced. Usually about 80 percent of my clients see differences.

Everyone is very different. There is no pattern and a given condition in one person may be called by the same term in another person, however, the chemistry and physical signs are completely different. In reality, it is always a different condition in each person, even though we use generic names to differentiate and/or combine them into the same name and same generic concept. “Sameness” cannot approach the issue since it is a generalization. We have to know and see “specifics” before approaching and alleviating a condition.

Using a definition or term for a condition can cause a systemic issue which encapsulates the person and the illness. This tends to keep them in a place where they are defined by that illness, and it becomes much more difficult to remove. They may not even have had the specified illness, and the cause may have been otherwise such as environmental or mental. They become “encapsulated” by the name of the specific issue given to them, whether it be accurate or not.

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Welcome to our first newsletter of the season. We will present a variety of topics in these pages, including stories from clients about their experiences

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