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Fall Newsletter

In our last newsletter we discussed the issue of the ‘deeper level’ of Larry’s work. He explained how his process is non-linear and that he actually sees patterns of energy and a lack of flow in a particular part of the body.

In this issue we’d like to take this a step further and ask, “Just how can this be possible?”

Larry mentioned that clients from the East often have exceptionally high success rates. Why? Because they grow up believing that the body can heal spontaneously. The Indian Upanishads, for example, written 5000 years ago, states, “Everything is Energy.”

We would suggest that most ancient cultures have this belief and that the Western mechanical approach to medicine may be the exception.

Let’s consider the Meso and South American worldview. To the natives there, all that is can be divided into the Nagual (that which cannot be named and has no past nor future) and the Tonal (everything else; ie. people, animals, plants, rocks, ideas). Most of us live our entire lives in the Tonal. But an adept like Larry can move into the Nagual. He doesn’t talk about the immune system, or names of diseases because the Nagual can’t be talked about; it can only be experienced.

He doesn’t analyze. He connects with universal life-force or Divine Energy and allows this energy to correct imbalances.

And this is why Larry calls his work Spiritual Healing. The word ‘spirit’ comes from the Latin ‘spiritus’ or “breath of life.” It is the impulse of Spirit to grow and thrive.

Again, how can this be? This is the beautiful mystery. When we’re graced with experiencing the Nagual, we would be wise to allow ourselves to surrender to its awesome Power.

The Profound Impact of Attitude in Healing

Robert Beale

While assisting Larry with healing sessions, I have observed how a client’s outlook or attitude significantly impacts healing consistency. For example, a client Larry and I work with has had pronounced physical ailments such as severe arthritis.

Regular sessions with Larry have resulted in positive results. This client has a propensity, however, to worry obsessively about potential problems in her day-to-day life that rarely materialize, and on the few occasions they do, the problems are relatively minor.

She literally makes herself sick by worrying. In effect, she’s addicted to worrying. Counseling her during sessions with Larry and ‘off line’ has improved the consistency of her physical healing.

This client has been a rescuer most of her adult life, compulsively helping friends and family. She has struggled to ask friends and family for assistance she needs now that she is older.

As she releases the belief that she isn’t a good person if she isn’t regularly helping others and refraining from asking for assistance for herself, her emotional outlook is shifting and her physical healing is more consistent.
The client is learning that there are people in her life who are more than willing to assist her and are even honored when asked!

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Expanded Work

Fall Newsletter In our last newsletter we discussed the issue of the ‘deeper level’ of Larry’s work. He explained how his process is non-linear and

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