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Summer Newsletter

We are going to deeper levels in our work and finding that in many cases we recommend a series of sessions may be necessary to see complete success. We do want to know that the work is making a difference before our clients commit to additional sessions.

We have been working with more extreme cases which, understandably, come to us after more traditional practices have not been successful. Because of this, we emphasize that often the longer the issue has been present, the more time it can take to clear. One or two sessions simply may not be enough to achieve the desired effect. Plan on continuing with the work until optimum results are experienced.

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Questions were asked by LD’s associate, Cherie Peterson and Answered by Larry.

Q: Can you describe the deeper level of work that you have been doing?

A: Normally we go to an area in the body that has issues causing mild or severe distress and pain.. Recently I have been able to go past the afflicted area and actually see the cells, the nerve fibers and get down to a really microscopic level. Then I can work more effectively.

Last night we worked with a client who had severe migraines and other issues. We went to the brain stem and beyond. While she was at a pain level of seven when we started, she ended up with a pain level of one when we finished (10 being the highest). She did take some Ibuprofin, but we were very effective.

This week I have been working with a vision problem. We worked within the eye. She emailed to say that she improved while we were working. We will be having a session today to reinforce that. It resulted in a pain level of two because of working in greater detail with the result of deeper healing.

Q: I understand that it is difficult for many people to get their head/ mind around this work you do and to believe that there is truly healing taking place. Your methods are non-linear and not the way we normally function. Some people fear that the treatments won’t last. Can you address that?

A: That’s very true. It’s the western perspective. In India, it’s not necessarily the perspective. Clients from India often experience deep healing because they grow up in a culture where they are taught from a young age that the body can heal spontaneously in non-linear ways. This is not to say you must have grown up in India to experience deep healing.

Q: Do you think your clients must believe in your work in order for it to work?

A: No. Belief and a positive attitude is always wonderful, but over and over we see it demonstrated in most cases that the mental attitude does not have much to do with the healing.

Many times I work with people who are in a coma or are unaware I am working with them through another loved one. The conceptual belief system is not where we work, even though, as I said, that can be very beneficial.

Q: It baffles me how people are so ready to put money into a more Western system of healing, yet are so hesitant to move forward with your work. Why do you think this is?

A: We cannot really address that in any way. We try to create a structure with a beginning session or two to see if a connection is made and we can work together. If a connection is made, we can continue. Usually it has a cumulative effect. If someone is 10 or 20% better in the beginning, I urge them to continue because there is a good likelihood there will be an additional 10 or 20% improvement the next week. These may be issues that the client has had for many years. A 10% improvement is what we look for at first, although as much as a 70% improvement may may be experienced in the first session.

Q: This is actually what happened to me when you worked on the discomfort below my heart in the area of the solar plexus. It took a number of sessions before it finally disappeared altogether. Once it was gone, it has never come back and now it’s been months since you worked on me.

I see that it takes patience and perseverance to continue with your work. My understanding is that you can see success in one or two treatments, Is this correct?

A: We certainly do see resolution in one or two treatments when the issue has not gotten to deeper places within the body or has not persisted for long periods of time. Often, as we stated earlier, the on-going sessions are more realistic in order to see success because of the severity of the problem.

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